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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

(HAH) - breath, life; to breathe or exhale; to breathe upon after praying or before giving a prophecy

HAAD RUB (HAHD ruhb) - slang for: hard time, bad time, uncomfortable circumstances

HAD-IT (HAHD iht) - slang for: to be wasted, destroyed, wrecked

hairy - dangerous, rough, out of control, huge, bad, ugly, intense

HALE (HAH-leh) - house, building, lodge, station

hammered -
1) pounded, i.e. beaten up by a wave
2) drunk

HANA (HAH-nah) -
1) work, job, labor, action
2) to work, to labor, to do, to perform, to create

HANA HOU (hah-nah HOH-uu) - to do again, to repeat; perform an encore:
“Do it again.”
– or –
“Play some more.”

HANABATA (hah-nah-BAH-tah) - slang for: liquidy nose mucous, runny snot

HANABATA DAYS (hah-nah-BAH-tah daaz) - slang for: childhood (see also SMALL KID TIME)

HANAU (HAA-nah-uu) - Happy Birthday

hang five - to place five toes over the nose of the surfboard; usually done on a longboard (see toes-on-the-nose)

hang ten - to place ten toes over the nose of the surfboard; usually done on a longboard (see toes-on-the-nose)

HAOLE (HAH-oo-leh) -
1) Caucasian
2) a person of Caucasian descent
3) foreigner, non-local

HAPA (HAH-pah) -
1) part of, portion of
2) a person of mixed racial or ethnic heritage (particularly when mixed with Asian or Pacific Islander heritage)

HĀPAI (HAH-pah-ee) - pregnant, to conceive

HAPALUA (HAH-pah-LUU-ah) - half; in two portions

hard rail (also down rail) - a rail that slants down starting at the deck and then rounds off to a distinct, tightly rounded edge as it meets the bottom; this edge runs the entire length of the board

hard core - extreme

hardener - in epoxy construction of a surfboard, the epoxy resin needs a chemical hardener which then incorporates into the chemical structure of the epoxy after hardening; the chemicals and ratios used to achieve this vary from company to company

HAU'OLI (hah-uu-OH-lee) - joyful, happy, glad

HAU'OLI LA HANAU (hah-uu-OH-lee LAH HAH-nah-uu) - Happy Birthday (as translated from English)

HAU'OLI MAKAHIKI HOU (hah-uu-OH-lee MAH-kah-HEE-kee HOH-uu) - Happy New Year (as translated from English)

HAWAIIAN (HAH-wah-ee-ahn) - local pronunciation of Hawaiian has the accent on the first syllable.

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HAWAIIAN TIME - slang for: always later than what was asked for or expected

header - to fall off the surfboard head first

head dip - to touch the water with your head while surfing

headstand - to stand on your head while riding a wave

heavies - very big waves; usually higher than 12'

HE'E NALU (heh-EH NAH-luu) - to surf on a wave; to slide on a wave

HEIAU (heh-ee-AH-uu) - a pre-Christian house of worship, or shrine

held under (also held down) - to be held underwater by heavy surf

HELE (HEH-leh) - to go, to move, to leave:
“Go ahead.”

HELE AKU (HEH-leh AH-kuu) - to go, to go away:
“Go away.”

HELE MAI (HEH-leh MAH-ee) - to come:
“Come here.”

helicopter - spinning the surfboard around in the water while standing on the nose; usually done on longboards

hellmen - surfers who ride the really big waves

HEMO (HEH-moh) -
1) separated, loosened
2) opened

hemo-ed - when something has been hemo-ed, it's been smashed, creamed, smeared and otherwise totaled

hemo skin - a peeling sunburn

hiddie (short for hideous) - used to describe a particularly intense situation, maneuver, wave or boyfriend/girlfriend

hit the lip - to maneuver the surfboard up to meet the lip of the wave as it is coming down, and then surf down with it

hit the surf - to go surfing

hitting the lip (also off the lip, off-the-lip, lip bash) - to ride up the wave, hit the breaking lip with your board, and then quickly turn back into the wave

HO BRAH - slang for: “Hold on, friend!”
(An exclamation said before describing some amazing event, thing, or great looking person.)

hodad -
1) a non-surfer, usually someone who just hangs around the beach
2) a name surfers call a guy that they don't like or who they believe is being mean to them

HOHONO (hoh-HOH-noh) - to smell bad, to stink of acrid perspiration

HOKU (HOH-kuu) - this word is capitalized and it means: night of the full moon

HŌKŪ (HOH-kuu) - star

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hollow -
1) a curling wave with an extremely concave face
2) a cylinder-shaped wave

HOLOHOLO (HOH-loh-HOH-loh) -
1) to go for a walk, to ride, or to sail
2) to go on an excursion with someone

home breaks - the place where you surf close to home on a regular basis

honeys -
1) female surfers
2) girlfriends of surfers

honker - a really big wave (see also heavies, bombora)

HONU (HOH-nuu) - turtle, tortoise

HO'OHA'AHA'A (hoh-OH-hah-AH-hah-ah) - to lower, to humble; humility

HO'OPONOPONO (HOH-oh-POH-noh-POH-noh) - neat, cared for, in order, arranged (see also PONOPONO)

HO'OPONOPONO (HOH-oh-poh-noh-poh-noh) -
1) to correct, to set right
2) family conferences held specifically where relationships are healed through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, forgiveness and mutual restitution (see also PONOPONO)

hoot - to howl or yelp approval and encouragement to buddies

hot coat (also sanding coat) - the second of the two coats of resin typically used on a surfboard; used to harden the first coat; in UPR construction the resin is mixed with a surfacing agent to achieve the desired hardness needed for sanding (see also gel coat, gloss coat)

Hot Curl -
1) 1930's surfboard design consisting of a squared, very narrow tail, pointed nose, and a deep vee shaped on the bottom of the back section of the board that acted as a fin; designed to to prevent spinning out on larger waves; created in Hawaii by Fran Heath and John Kelly
2) a cartoon surfer character whose heand consists of long straight chin-length hair and a large nose; he is skinny overall with a low-sitting potbelly, knobby knees and large feet; he wears baggies and is usually drawn or sculpted holding a beer, with or without a surfboard; created by Michael Dormer and Lee Teacher in 1963

hot-dogging - fancy surfing done by a skilled surfer

HOWZIT? (HAHW-ziht) - slang for:
“How is everything?”
– or –
“What's up?”
– or –
“What's going on?”

huarache sandals - leather sandals worn by surfers with a sole made from tire treads

HUI (HUU-ee) - a group of people, a club, a union/partnership

HULA (HUU-lah) - a dance; to dance

HULI (HUU-lee) -
1) to turn or reverse
2) to curl over, like the lip of a wave
3) to change something (e.g. your opinion or lifestyle)

HULI HULI (HUU-lee HUU-lee) - to flip over and over like on a rotisserie, BBQ

HUMBUG (HUHM-buhg) - slang for: a nuisance

hybrid - combining two different types of surfboard into one board

hydrofoil -
1) the name for a winglike structure which is fitted to a boat's hull in order to lift the boat clear of the water when at a certain speed
2) the general name for a boat fitted with winglike structures – called 'foils' – which enable the boat's hull to lift clear of the water when at a certain speed

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