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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

waffling - to be rapidly working the board back and forth

WAGON - slang for: shopping cart

WAHINE (wah-HEE-neh) - a woman, a female

wall - a steep, unrideable wave face

walking the board - to walk back and forth on the surfboard to maintain control

walking the nose - to move forward on the board toward the nose

walled up - when a wave essentially breaks all the way across at the same time; waves that are 'walled up' are unrideable

WAT DOING? - slang for: “What the 'bleep' are you doing?”

wave - a long body of water that rises up, curls, and breaks on the shore

wave height - measured usually in feet as the vertical distance between the crest and trough, i.e. the highest and lowest part of the wave, as viewed with a fixed reference point

wave hogs - surfers who claim waves as theirs and actively force others off them

wave length - the spatial distance between successive wave crests

wave period - measured in seconds as the length of time between successive wave crests (peaks) as they pass a stationary point on land or on the water (e.g. a buoy)

wax - a substance applied to the deck of surfboards for traction; resembling a bar of soap, surfboard wax is rubbed vigorously, creating enough friction to melt and leave tiny bumps, which provide the deck with grip

wax bum - a person who stays on the beach waxing their board and never going out into the water

way - very much, so : This place is way cool!

WE GO - slang for:
“Let's split.”
– or –
“Let's leave immediately.”

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Wedge, The - a famous, but dangerous, surfing and bodysurfing spot located where the west harbor jetty extends from the shore of the southern end of the Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach, California; waves can reach as high as 20 feet; due to arguments (between surfers and bodysurfers) and safety concerns, the authorites of Newport Beach regulate both time and type of surfing allowed there

Wedge Crew, The - a group of bodysurfing regulars of The Wedge

WEN (wehn) - slang for: went

wetsuit - a neoprene rubber suit used by surfers to keep warm

whitewater - the powerful, white, foamy water of a breaking wave

wide point (also surfboard width, center point width) - wide point is measured across the board at the widest part in the following way:
• find the point on the centerline at the widest part of the board
• then, at that point on the centerline, measure across the board, rail to rail, while keeping perpendicular to the centerline
(see also tail width, nose width, length, thickness)

WIKIWIKI (WEE-kee-WEE-kee) - fast, quick, speedy

wind chop - white-capped choppy waves or churning water produced by blowing winds

wind swells - waves formed close to the shore by local wind conditions; these waves are erratic and have a tendency to be slop

winds on it - choppy and sectioned waves caused by too much wind : Can't ride, dude, surf's got winds on it.

windward -
1) facing the wind; on the side facing the wind
2) the side from which the wind is blowing; the direction from which the wind is blowing
(see also leeward)

wipe out - to fall off or be knocked off your board (see also eat it)

wipeout - a really bad fall off your board

woodie -
1) a station wagon, made in the '40s and '50s, with wood paneling on the sides
2) vulgar slang for: a male erection

woofy - a little brown floating friend, in other words, a turd

worked (also getting worked) - the action a wave plays on you; it feels like being in a large washing machine

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