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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

PĀHOEHOE (PAH-hoh-eh-hoh-eh) - smooth lava

paipo - a short or small board used for surfing; note: this is not a word from the Hawaiian language (see also bodyboard, bellyboard)

PAKALOLO (pah-kah-LOH-loh) - slang for: marijuana

PĀKĒ (PAH-keh) -
1) China, Chinese
2) a person of Chinese descent
3) to imitate or act Chinese

PAKE (PAH-keh) - slang for: a very frugal person

PALI (PAH-lee) - cliff

PANIOLO (PAH-nee-OH-loh) -
when capitalized:
1) a Spaniard, Spain
2) Spanish
when not capitalized:
1) a cowboy, a Hawaiian cowboy (also PANIOLO PIPI - PAH-nee-OH-loh pee-pee)
2) to be like or pretend to be a cowboy

PANTY (PAHN-tee) - slang for: a frightened or timid person

PAU (PAH-uu) -
1) to be done, finished
2) entirely, very much, completely
3) to be completely possessed, consumed, destroyed

PAU HANA (PAH-uu HAH-nah) -
1) to be done with work
2) slang for: after-work drink

peak -
1) highest part of a swell
2) point in time when a swell is at full strength
3) the central, high area on a wave as it first begins breaking and still maintains both left and right shoulders to surf; you can also surf on the peak (see also A-frame)

peak period - an interval of time when swells or waves are at full strength

peaky - describes surfing conditions where there are a lot of waves having peak

pearl -
1) to deliberately drive the nose of a surfboard under water to stop or slow down the ride
2) a wipeout caused by the nose of the surfboard going into the water during a drop (in this use, the term is a twist on the phrase 'pearl diving')

peel -
1) a gradual breaking of a wave – with the break traveling to the left or right along the crest of the wave
2) when the journey of a wave to the shoreline is ending and it visibly forms a 'breaking line' that progressively disintegrates to the left or right

peel off -
1) a wave that breaks perfectly across the shore without spilling in front of itself
2) when a wave is breaking perfectly across the shore without spilling in front of itself

peeling - when a wave breaks perfectly down the line without spilling in front of itself

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PEHEA'OE (peh-heh-ah-OH-eh) -
“How are you?”
– or –
“What about you? How is it going?”

Pendleton - a plaid, brightly colored, wool or flannel shirt worn by some surfers; refers to the Pendleton company which makes a lot of these shirts

period - the interval of time between successive occurrences of the same state of oscillatory or cyclic phenomenon (e.g. waves developing)

phat - nice, good, or great

phazer - a surfboard designed to have a dimpled bottom

pidgin (PIH-jihn) - a simplified language of limited vocabulary that results from combining a local language and a non-local language

PILAU (pee-LAH-uu) - stench, rot, putrid, foul

pin (also pintail) - a surfboard tail design that comes to a distinct V-shaped point; usually found on big guns

pintail (also pin) - a surfboard tail design that comes to a distinct V-shaped point; usually found on big guns

Pipeline (also Banzai Pipeline, Pipe) - a surf spot on the North Shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach; originally named by the surfing filmmaker Bruce Brown

pit -
1) the area directly in front of the crest of the wave
2) the hollowest portion of a breaking wave
3) the barrel of a large, powerful wave

pitched - to be tossed off the lip of the wave and usually also off the board

pitching out - when the lip of the wave throws outward

pitted - to be in the pit of the wave

PLANNY (PLEH-nee) - slang for: plenty, a lot, big amount, choke

platter - a surfboard in the funboard category; usually 7' to 8.5'; wider than a regular shortboard with some longboard and fish characteristics and any type of tail

POCHO (POH-choh) - slang for: a person of Portuguese descent (also POTAGEE)

POHO (poh-HOH) - a waste of time, out of luck

POI (POH-ee) - cooked taro corms cooked and thinned with water; sometimes made with breadfruit

point break -
1) a type of surf break where the waves wrap around a promontory of land, i.e. headland, and curl as they break
2) waves breaking off and around an outcrop of land; a classic example of a point break is located at Rincon, California, just south of the Santa Barbara/Ventura County line; Point Break is also the title of a 1991 movie involving surfing and bank robbery . . . all that water in the bank lobbies . . .)

point breaks - waves that form in reaction to a headland, i.e. a narrow piece of land sticking out from the coastline into the sea

polyester - a synthetic resin in which the polymer groups are linked by ester groups; used unsaturated in surfboardUPR construction

polymer - a substance that has a molecular structure that mainly or entirely consists of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g. many of the synthetic organic materials used as resins and plastics in surfboard manufacture

polystyrene - a synthetic resin that is a polymer of styrene and used mainly as a lightweight rigid foam or film

polyurethane (PU) - a synthetic resin in which polymer units are linked by urethane groups (see also UPR construction)

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PONOPONO (POH-noh-POH-noh) -
1) to put to rights, to put in order, to rectify
2) mental cleansing (see also HO'OPONOPONO)

pop - to kick out

pop-out - a surfboard that has been manufactured solely by machine

pop-up - the technique of standing up on the surfboard after catching a wave

PŌPOLO (POH-poh-loh) - slang for:
1) African
2) a dark-skinned person of African descent

poser -
1) surfer wannabe
2) someone who only dresses the part

POTAGEE (POH-tah-gee) - slang for: a person of Portuguese descent (also POCHO)

pounder - hard-breaking wave

primo -
1) number one, the best
2) the name of a Hawaiian beer
(see also bitchin, boss, excellent, rad)

prone - in surfing, it's lying flat on your belly; this is the most common and easiest way to ride a bodyboard (see also drop-knee and stand-up)

prone out - to pull out of a wave by dropping to your belly and causing the nose to go under water and the tail to turn around

PU - abbreviation for polyurethane, a synthetic resin in which polymer units are linked by urethane groups (see also UPR construction)

PU foam core - polyurethane foam core

pucker factor - the effect an intimidating wave has on your ability to remain relaxed and in control of your sphincter

puff - a spitting wave

PUKA (PUU-kah) - a hole, an opening, a door, an entrance, a gate

pull out - to steer a surfboard over or through the back of a wave to end a ride

pummeled (also axed, drilled) -
1) to get creamed (crushed) by something
2) to get wiped out by the lip of a wave; if you have been pummeled, you have been fully done in : I got totally pummeled at Pipe!

pumping -
1) to make quick turns on the face of a wave to gain speed
2) to have non-stop good waves

PUPULE (puu-PUU-leh) - crazy, reckless, insane

PŪPŪ (PUU-puu) - appetizer, canapé

purplified - to be so sunburned that you aren't just pink, or even red, you are - purplified!

push-up - a technique for pushing your shortboard through small waves where the water passes under your body and your board goes through the wave (as if you were doing a push-up on the deck of your board); done as you paddle out (see also Eskimo roll, duck-dive, slice, and shoot-and-scoot)

puss - New Zealand slang for: small patches of wind-blown whitewater

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