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for The Raw Pineapple Trilogy -

Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

IHU (EE-huu) -
1) nose, beak, snout
2) toe of a shoe
3) bow or prow of a canoe or a ship

IKAIKA (ee-KEH-ee-kah) - strong, powerful, potent; strength, energy, vigor

'IKE (EE-keh) -
1) to know, to feel, to experience, to be aware, to understand
2) to tell, to display, to make known, to inform, to reveal

'IKE PONO (EE-keh) - to know or see clearly, to have definitive knowledge

IKI (EE-kee) - small, little

impact zone -
1) point where the waves break for the first time
2) where the waves are breaking consistently and hard
3) the shore side of where the waves are breaking
(see also boneyard, inside)

'ĪLIO (EE-LEE-oh) - dog; considered 'aumakua by some

IMU (EE-muu) -
1) underground oven, roasting pit
2) food cooked in an underground oven or roasting pit

INU (EE-nuu) - a drink, to drink, drinking

inside -
1) the area where waves continue to break, reform, and break again (if the area is large enough)
2) to be surfing in the tube of a wave
3) to be positioned on the shore side of the breaking waves
(see also boneyard, impact zone)

interference - a technical call; used when one surfer disrupts the performance of another surfer who has the right-of-way during a competition

interval training - alternating the intensity of workout periods between high and low or rest

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