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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

cable -
1) vulgar slang for: a long, unbroken fart
2) vulgar slang for: a long, unbroken result of a bowel movement

cactus - to experience an injury that leaves you unable to surf for the rest of the day

cactus juiced - to be injured and unable to surf for the rest of the day

cag -
1) to choke
2) to fail
3) to not be able to handle something

calabash - someone who is very close, but not blood related

Cali - short for 'California'

cannon ball - to go into a fetal position during a wipeout

canvas commando - a person who surfs using a canvas raft

carve -
1) to make a radical turn (see also hot-dogging, shred)
2) to make symmetrical, fluid turns

carving - to surf with high energy, constantly moving on the wave (see also ripping)

catalyst - a catalyst can be any chemical that is used to increase the rate of a chemical reaction and itself does not suffer any permanent chemical change while doing this; in UPR construction of a surfboard, the catalyst used to induce resin hardening is usually composed mainly of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide

catch a wave - to ride a breaking wave

catch air (also air) - getting airborne as the result of a good boost : After a good bottom turn with lots of speed, head up the face, off the lip, and into the sky for some good air.

CATCH CRACKS - slang for: to get beaten up or hit

caught inside - having great trouble while paddling back out because the incoming waves are too big, powerful, difficult or impossible to get beyond; surfers that are inside the breaking waves and can't get to the outside smooth water because of the whitewater are said to be "caught inside"

cave - the hollow channel that is formed inside a good wave when it breaks and curls over (see also barrel, tube)

cavefish - a pale surfer (cavefish, as part of the fish family Amblyopsidae, are colorless)

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cavitation - in surfing, cavitation refers to the formation of air bubbles in the water; the fin gets too many bubbles around it, then loses its grip in the water and the board spins out from underneath the surfer or windsurfer; for tow-in surfing, excess cavitation around a propeller, which causes the inability to accelerate, occurs when the personal watercraft (PWC) hits patches of white water or is punching through broken or breaking waves

center point width (also surfboard width, wide point) - center point width is measured across the board at the widest part in the following way:
• find the point on the centerline at the widest part of the board
• then, at that point on the centerline, measure across the board, rail to rail, while keeping perpendicular to the centerline
(see also tail width, nose width, length, thickness)

centerline - a line, real or imaginary, that runs down the center of something; in surfboard construction, it is the axis used for design symmetry

CHANG (chahng) - slang for: cheap, frugal

channel -
1) a conduit of deeper water where excess water, piled up by waves, forms a fast moving current that flows out to sea; usually between sandbanks or reefs
2) a length of deep water, wider than a strait, that connects two large bodies of water, e.g. two seas
3) a relatively deep spot where the waves don't normally break; it is easier when you are in the channel to get outside the break
4) a groove carved into the bottom of a surfboard to affect how the water flows down the length of the board (see also concave)

cheater five -
1) to have five toes on the nose while keeping your weight back on the board to maintain trim and speed
2) to be squatting down and extending one foot forward

check it -
1) a phrase used to get someone's attention : Check it!
2) to get someone's attention
3) a phrase used to specifically point something out to someone else : Dude, check it, the break just went down.

CHICKEN SKIN - slang for: goosebumps

chill - to calm down, to relax, to lay low

chine - in surfboard design, it is the angle where the bottom of the surfboard first meets the rail

chine rail - a portion of the rail where the chine is sheared off and flattened; used to increase speed (see also concave, Stinger)

Chinese wax job - derogatory slang for: unwanted wax on the bottom of a surfboard, usually the result of stacking or being tightly packed with other waxed boards; an overly-waxed board can be slower and less responsive

chode burn - a rash or chafing in the crotch area caused by clothing or a surfboard

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choice - the best

choke -
1) to balk
2) to falter and not be able to continue
3) to chicken out

CHOKE - slang for: many, a lot, a big amount

CHOKE CARS - slang for: to be heavy with traffic, choking with cars

chop - the broken motion of water, usually due to wind blowing against the tide : We couldn't surf 'cause it was nothin' but chop.

choppy -
1) very small waves on the surface that are created by local winds
2) ocean wave conditions that are rough
3) not smooth

chubbie - a thick, rolling wave that has very little breaking action

Chubby Checker - a surfer poser known for hanging out and talking a lot about surf spots and conditions, but never surfs; usually a heavyset, middle-aged male who keeps a longboard on his car's roof rack; this moniker may be a reference to the singer Chubby Checker whose popular song "The Twist" and the resulting 'twist' dance was used in the 1960's beach movies showing beach party scenes

chunder - Australian slang for: vomit; New Zealand slang for to vomit

churley - when sand and tiny pebbles are being whipped up by the waves resulting in painful stinging when the water hits you (especially in the face)

classic -
1) regarded as high-quality and/or outstanding in its category
2) of a simple and elegant design
3) recognized and established

clean -
1) good conditions, good waves, and good surfboards
2) smooth wave faces, usually due to minimal wind conditions (see also glassy)

clean up (also cleanup set) -
1) a wave (or a set of waves) which breaks over or on surfers, clearing the lineup
2) large rogue waves which catch everyone inside, by surprise, and can wash them into the impact zone

clean-up wave (also cleanup wave) - a wave that breaks outside of the lineup and dumps on the entire lineup; usually catches everyone by surprise

cleanup set (also clean up) -
1) a wave (or a set of waves) which breaks over or on surfers, clearing the lineup
2) large rogue waves which catch everyone inside, by surprise, and can wash them into the impact zone

clickity schnar snar - a crab that clicks its claws and says “schnar snar!” while pinching your foot

clidro - a pumping action on the board that is done with the legs while climbing the face of a wave to either set up a maneuver or gain speed so as to avoid any collapsing sections of the wave ( “... said he never heard of that term! He said it is probably a ‘kook saying’ that the new wave Silicon Valley surfers made-up. He said they are always coming up with new terms.”)

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climbing - to carve an S-shaped path on the face of a wave while surfing

close tolerance blanks - surfboard blanks made with the outer shells of the hardest foam that then decreases in density towards the interior; good for hand shaping, not so good for machine shaping; if you over-shape a close tolerance blank, you will compromise the durability of its core strength

close out (also close-out and closeout) -
1) waves that break all the way across a bay or a normally safe channel, thus rendering a surf spot unridable because surfers can't paddle out to the lineup
2) a wave that breaks all at once
3) a wave that peels, and then breaks all at once

cloudbreak - a reef break caused by a rock or coral shelf, or sandbank found in deep water and causes large waves to form and break

Cloudbreak - one of seven surfing breaks found at Tavarua, a heart-shaped island resort in Fiji, that is surrounded by a coral reef

cloud nine -
1) to be traveling across the lip of a breaking wave : She was cloud nine almost the whole wave.
2) the lip of a breaking wave

clucked -
1) to be afraid
2) to be intimidated by the wave

cnoid waves - waves that look like lines of corduroy; as waves come into shallow water, their shape changes to something called a 'cnoid' which has a short, steep crest and a long shallow trough

COCKAROACH (KAH-kah-rohch) - slang for: to steal

coffin - to ride a surfboard while lying stiffly on your back with your arms crossed over your chest as if dead in a coffin

combers - long, curling sea waves

coming down - phrase shouted by the first person up on a wave, used for claiming it while dropping (see also right, left) : Coming down!

concave - a contouring of the bottom of a surfboard that creates a concave section; the most common being the 'single concave' and the 'single to double concave'; used to create lift and reduce drag (see also chine, chine rail, channel)

consistent - when waves break regularly and frequently

cooha - vulgar slang for: a gnarly female surfer

cooking - when the surf is extremely good

coolaphonic - insanely cool, the most cool

cord (also leash) - a urethane cord used to attach the surfboard to an ankle strap on a surfer

corduroy - a series of swells that are stacking up while coming in from the horizon

cornskin - the yellow, crackled appearance of the fiberglass layer on a surfboard that is experiencing delamination from too much sun and/or too much exposure to salt water

covered (also barreled, toobed, tubed) -
1) to be riding inside the tube
2) to be riding in the green room

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cowabunga (also kowabunga) - a yell of excitement by a surfer that was adopted by surfers during the 1950s and 1960s (see also banzai); supposedly a slight pronunciation change of "kawabonga" used by Chief Thunderthud, a character from The Howdy Doody Show : Cowabunga, dude!

crab - a term used to describe bad surfing styles and for all kinds of surfcraft

crest -
1) the curling top portion of a wave, usually foamy
2) to form the top portion of a wave

crew - a group of surfers defined by a break or an area

CRIP (krihp) - slang for: very good

cripple -
1) derogatory slang for: knee-boarder
2) derogatory slang for: a surfer who rides on his knees

crippler - really good : That chick is crippler!

crippler chick - a really pretty girl

critical section - the most difficult and challenging portion of a wave

cross stepping - crossing over each step while walking the length of a board forward or backward and maintaining balance; usually done on a longboard

crumbeater - derogatory slang for: a barney who is usually a wave scavenger looking for crumbs, not thought of highly, and always seems to be in the way

crumbs - the leftover part of a wave that a surfer has exited from

cruncher - a big, hard-breaking wave that folds over and is almost impossible to ride

curl - the portion of the wave that is spilling over and breaking

current - a body of water that is moving in a definite direction, especially when it is traveling through a surrounding body of water that has less movement, e.g. ocean currents

custom board - a board that is shaped to order to satisfy an individual surfer's needs

cutback (also cut-back) -
1) to turn back towards the curl or breaking part of a wave
2) to turn back towards the curl or breaking part of a wave from the shoulder
3) a 180° turn that's done on a rail of a surfboard

cut off - to be dropped in on by another surfer and having to change direction to avoid a collision; a person who performs a 'cut off' could also be a shoulder-hopper

cut out -
1) to pull out
2) to kick out
3) to pull out of the wave

cut sick -
1) to surf in an especially radical or dramatic way
2) to go a bit crazy, but not in a bad way

cutting off - to drop in on another surfer who has the right-of-way on a breaking wave and forcing that surfer to change direction to avoid a collision; a person who does this could also be a shoulder-hopper (see also snake, snaking)

cuz - short for cousin, used the same as bro

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