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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

E KOMO MAI (eh koh-moh MAH-ee) -
– or –
“Please come inside!”

earwax - the guy who takes the longest tube ride

eat it - to wipe out really bad on a wave and 'eat' seabed

egg rail - a rail that has a soft, rounded shape similar to an egg

egg shape - a funboard shaped like an egg

EH? - slang for:
“You know?”

EH! - slang for:
“You know what I mean!”

eighty-sixed (also 86'd) - to be out of the game, done, finished, gone; began and is still in use as a restaurant slang term with the same meaning; originated during the Prohibition years in the USA after a speakeasy in NYC named Chumley's – which has the backdoor address of 86 Bedford Street – and when a patron became unruly he (or she) was tossed, i.e. ‘86'd’ out the back door; Chumley's has been closed since a wall collapsed in 2007.

el rollo - to lie prone on a surfboard and hold onto the sides while rolling 360° during a ride; this surf maneuver was previously done only by bodyboarders; it consists of going off the lip and doing a complete somersault with the lip as it drives you back down into the trough – finishing is the hard part

elevator drop - the sensation you feel when executing a late drop in

entry - the area of the nose where the surfboard's rocker first comes into contact with the water

epi - how a burnout surfer says the word 'epic'

epic - the best, near-perfect, not ordinary at all : Best ride ever. It was epic, dude.

epoxy - a polymer synthetic (see epoxy resin)

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epoxy construction - in surfboard epoxy construction, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core boards are shaped and then encapsulated in 'skins' made of fiberglass soaked with epoxy resin (see also UPR construction)

epoxy resin - a polymer synthetic adhesive; refers to a broad family of chemicals; more durable than unsaturated polyester resin for surfboard construction, however it is more expensive (see resin; see also epoxy, epoxy construction)

EPS (also bead board, bead foam) - acronym for: expanded polystyrene; a type of foam used in the making of surfboard blanks; can be initially shaped by being 'blown' into a pre-defined mold; lighter than polyurethane (PU) foam (see also epoxy, epoxy construction)

ERIDING (EHR-ree-dihng) - everything, all of it

Eskimo lidder - offensive slang term for a bodyboarder

Eskimo roll - a kayak roll usually done while lying prone on a longboard – can be done in the water to punch through a wave or in the air as a trick with a smaller surfboard (see also duck-dive, slice, push-up, and shoot-and-scoot)

ester - an organic compound that is made by replacing the hydrogen of an acid by an alkyl or other organic group

EWA (EH-vah) -
1) to the west
2) crooked
3) toward the side sheltered or away from the wind (leeward)
4) downwind (also leeward)

excellent - really great, fantastic, exceptional (see bitchin, boss, primo, rad)

expanded polystyrene (EPS) - a type of foam used in the making of surfboards; typically molded by machines; lighter than polyurethane (PU) foam (see also epoxy, epoxy construction)

exposure - how breaking waves within an area will absorb an incoming swell relative to the angle that they face it

'EY! (AA) - slang for:
“Hey!” (used as an attention-getting call)

eye (also eye of the storm) - a region at the center of a storm that is relatively calm

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