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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

jacking (also jacking up) - when a wave increases in height suddenly, becoming much steeper and more hollow; caused by deep water breaks or radical shoaling

jag - to retreat after getting worked

JALIKE? (jah-LYK) - slang for:
“Would you like to?”

Jaws - a reef break in Maui known for its big wave surfing

jersey - the material that is laminated to one or both sides of wetsuit material (i.e. neoprene); when laminated to one side, the jersey layer will be on the inside of the wetsuit; materials used for wetsuit jersey (e.g. nylon, titanium, polypropylene) come in many combinations

jetty -
1) a piece of land used as a landing stage
2) a small pier where boats can be docked or moored
3) a breakwater that is constructed to protect or defend a harbor, a stretch of coast, or a riverbank
(see also breakwater, artificial reef)

juice - the power of the wave : Man, that thing moves! It's really got juice.

jungle - certain parts of Waikiki are known as the 'jungle' because of all the crime and wild animals

JUNK - not good, rotten, lousy : There's no point in ridingjunk waves.

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