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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

KA'A (KAH-ah) - car, automobile, carriage, wagon

KAHAKAI (KAH-hah-KAH-ee) - seashore, beach, seacoast

KAHIKO (kah-HEE-koh) - primitive, ancient, antique, old; old person (When capitalized, it is the name of the first Hawaiian.)

KAHUNA (kah-HUU-nah) -
1) sorcerer, wizard
2) minister, priest
3) expert in any profession
4) slang for: Hawaiian god of sun, sand, and surf

KAI (KAH-ee) - ocean, sea

KAI KŌ (KAH-ee koh) - sea with strong current

KAKAHIAKA (KAH-kah-HEE-ah-kah) - morning (see also AHIAHI and 'AUINALĀ)

KAKAHIAKA NUI (KAH-kah-HEE-ah-kah NUU-ee) - early morning

KALA MAI (KAH-lah MAH-ee) -
“Excuse me.”
– or –
“I'm sorry.”

KAMA'ĀINA (kah-mah AH-ee-nah) - literally: native-born; a native Hawaiian or permanent resident of Hawaii

kamikaze - to ride the board at the nose with your arms held straight out at each side

KANAKA (kah-NAH-kah) -
1) human being, person
2) man
3) Hawaiian

KANAKĀ (kah-nah-KAH) - Canada, Canadian

KĀNE (KAH-neh) -
1) male, husband, sweetheart
2) strong sea
3) bull

KAPU (KAH-puu) -
1) forbidden, prohibited
2) domain, as on the internet

KATONK (kah-TOHNK) - slang for:
1) Mainland Asian
2) a person of Mainland Asian descent

KAU KAU (KAH-uu kah-uu) - slang for: food

K'DEN - (KAA-dehn) - slang for:
“Okay then.”
– or –

KEIKI (KEH-ee-kee) - child, offspring, youngster

Kevlar - a trademarked name of a synthetic fiber that has a high tensile strength; used especially as a reinforcing agent in tires; also used in protective gear such as helmets and vests; used in some surfboard construction to strengthen the deck, however it is very expensive

kick out (also kicking out) -
1) to push down on the tail of a surfboard in order to lift and turn the nose over the top of the wave
2) to exit a wave in a controlled maneuver
3) to end a ride early by turning out from or off of a wave

killer - awesome, incredible : He rode that killer wave to the shore.

KINE (kiin) - slang for: great, good, fine

kneeboard - a short board designed for surfing or waterskiing while in a kneeling position

kneeboarder -
1) a person who rides on his knees
2) a person who rides on a kneeboard

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kneeboarding - surfing or waterskiing on a kneeboard

knots - calluses, or calcium deposits, just below the knee and on the tops of the foot caused by kneeling on the surfboard

KŌKUA (koh-KUU-ah) - to help, aid or assist

KOLOHE (koh-LOH-heh) - rascal, trouble maker, scamp, rogue

KONA (KOH-nah) - when capitalized:
1) leeward, the leeward sides of the Hawaiian Islands (see also EWA)
2) the name of a star
3) a famous leeward wind

kook (also kuk) -
1) a surfing beginner
2) someone who gets in the way or into trouble because of ignorance or inexperience (see dork)
3) someone who pretends to be something they're not
4) a completely awkward or bad surfer (highly derogatory)

kook cord (also leash, leg rope, surf leash) - a cord with one end attached to the surfboard and the other end attached to an ankle strap which is worn by the surfer; used in an effort to not lose the surfboard after falling off it and also utilized as a lifeline back to the surface since the board will float better than the surfer; usually the same length as the surfboard; high quality ones are made of polyurethane

kotch - South African slang for: vomiting

kowabunga (also cowabunga) - a yell of excitement by a surfer (see banzai) adopted by surfers during the 1950s and 1960s; supposedly a slight pronunciation change of "kawabonga" used by Chief Thunderthud, a character from The Howdy Doody Show : Cowabunga, dude!

kuk - see kook

KŪKULUKUMUHANA (KUU-kuu-luu-KUU-muu-HAH-nah) - the organization or pooling of strength for a special cause

KULEANA (kuu-lee-AH-nah) -
1) a right, a privilege
2) a responsibility, a concern
3) property

KUMU (KUU-muu) - teacher, mentor

KUPUNA (kuu-PUU-nah) - grandparent, adopted grandparent, ancestor, respected elder, great-aunt, great-uncle

KU'UIPO (kuu-UU-EEE-poh) - slang for: sweetheart

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