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for The Raw Pineapple Trilogy -

Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

gash -
1) a very sharp turn
2) to make a very sharp turn

GBS - acronym for: glued and blind stitched seam

geek - a person who behaves inappropriately

GEEV'UM (GEEV uhm) - slang for:
“Go for it!”
– or –
“Give it to them.”

gel - to vegetate, to do nothing

gel coat - the first of the two coats of resin typically used on a surfboard and is the primary structural base coat (see also hot coat, gloss coat)

GET - acronym for General Excise Tax

GIDI GIDI (GEE-dee GEE-dee) - slang for: out-of-place hair growth (cowlicks) on the scalp of a human

glass (also fiberglass) - a textile fabric that is made from woven glass filaments; as part of the construction process, foam core surfboards, after being shaped, are covered with sheets of fiberglass which is then hardened with resin

glass ax (also glass axe) - the lip of a wave

glass job - the protective fiberglass used on a surfboard

glasser - the person who laminates a shaped surfboard blank using fiberglass and a resin

glasshouse (also green room) -
1) the tube
2) the space inside of a tube

glassing - laminating a shaped surfboard blank using fiberglass and a resin

glass-off - a calm period generally in the early evening when the sea behind the waves becomes smooth as glass and the surf is good

glassy (also sheet glass) -
1) a smooth surface condition on the water caused by the absence of local winds
2) very smooth ocean and wave conditions

glide -
1) to move smoothly with a continuous motion
2) easy paddling to catch waves

gloss - the shine or luster of a surfboard, usually achieved through buffing

gloss coat - a third coat of resin that is sometimes used on surfboards for aesthetic purposes and/or improved structural performance (see also gel coat, hot coat)

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glued seam - a line of glue that joins the neoprene panel borders edge-to-edge on a wetsuit prior to stitching (see also seams)

gnarlatious - anything that's really great or awesome

gnarly -
1) dangerous, rough, out of control
2) huge
3) bad, ugly
4) intense, difficult to ride
5) great, cool, the best

going off -
1) to perform to the limit of one's personal abilities
2) very good waves
3) very good surfing

GON FONIT (GAHN FAH-niht) - slang for:
“Gosh darn it!”
– or –
“Wow! I really wish that hadn't happened.” (You can use your imagination here.)

GOOD FUN - Fun is okay, but GOOD FUN is better. (You can also use your imagination here.)

goofy foot - to ride standing on a surfboard with your right foot forward (left foot forward on a surfboard is the more common stance)

gouge - to turn the board sharply and dramatically while going full speed

green flash - the green color that sometimes occurs for a moment as the sun disappears over the ocean during sunsets on clear days

green room (also glasshouse) -
1) the tube
2) the space inside of a tube

gremlin -
1) a young hodad
2) a beginning surfer (see also grommet)

gremmy (also gremmie) -
1) an adolescent surfer who is usually annoying
2) an inexperienced surfer who is very excited and eager to learn how to surf and be on the waves

GRIND - slang for: to eat

GRINDS - slang for: food, delicious food

grip pad - a rough-surfaced material (neoprene or some other substance) adhered to the deck of a surfboard; used instead of wax to increase traction; most often positioned on the tail to add traction for the trailing foot

grit cloth - a cloth-backed sheet of sandpaper; used for blending the rail contours of a blank

grom - a young surfer (short for grommet)

grommet (also grommit) -
1) an adolescent surfer
2) a young hodad
3) a beginning surfer (see gremlin)

ground swell - large waves generated by distant storms

gun - a large, skinny surfboard, 6' to 10'-plus long with a pointed tip; designed for very big waves; name supposedly derived from the term 'elephant gun', i.e. the board surfers use for hunting down the 'big waves' (see big gun)

gunned - to be under-gunned or over-gunned refers to the size of your board in relation to wave conditions

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