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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH - slang for: “Just kidding.”

nailed - to wipe out

NALU (NAH-luu) -
1) wave, surf, full of waves
2) to meditate on, ponder or reflect

neoprene - a synthetic polymer that resembles rubber; resistant to heat, oil, and weathering; fabricated to make wetsuit material

nectar - beautiful, awesome

negatory - no, negative, not gonna fly

Neptune Cocktail - a large bellyful of seawater that is ingested during a particularly gnarly wipeout; this usually happens concurrently with a sand facial

nipped - when a person's nipples are rubbed raw by a board or wetsuit

NO AAK (noh ahk) - slang for: “Quit showing off!”

NO ACT (noh ahkt) - slang for: “Don't lie!”

NO CAN (noh cahn) - slang for:
“No can do.”
– or –
“No way that's happening.”

NO KA 'OI (noh-kah-OH-ee) - slang for: “It's the best!”

NODDAH (NOH-dah) - slang for: know the
“I don't noddah answer.”

NO NEED (noh need) - slang for: don't need it

noodle -
1) overall exhausted condition
2) a specific body part not working, e.g. noodle-armed

north swell - a swell traveling from north to south

nose - the bow or front end of a surfboard

nose guard - a piece of rubber or a silicon tip that is fits over the nose of a surfboard; used to protect the board and/or your head (in particular) from collision: especially useful when the nose is pointed or when a child is using the board

nose riding - riding a surfboard while standing on the nose; usually done on longboards

nose width - nose width is measured across the board 12" below the nose tip in the following way:
• starting at the center of the nose tip, measure 12” down the centerline
• now, at that point on the centerline, measure across the board, rail to rail, while keeping perpendicular to the centerline
(see also tail width, center point width, length, thickness)

NOT (naht) - slang for:
“Not possible!”
– or –
“No way!”

NUI (NUU-ee) -
1) big, large
2) grand, important

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