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South Anatolian Red -cow- Turkey

South Anatolian Red
(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Güney Anadolu Kirmizisi
(local/other name):
• Cenubî Anadolu Kirmizi
• Güney anadolu sarı kırmızısı
• Halep
local/other name (English):
• Southern Yellow-Red

The South Anatolian Red is a Damascus type and can be traced back to 2000–1200 BC.

The South Anatolian Red is found in the southeast of the Anatolian plateau in provinces bordering Syria and the Mediterranean; there are several varieties.

The most pure South Anatolian Red varieties include:
• Aleppo (or Halep)

South Anatolian Red varieties influenced by brachyceros-type cattle of Anatolia include:
• Çukurova
• Dörtyol

South Anatolian Red varieties collectively named South Anatolian Yellow (or Native Southern Yellow), Yerli güney sarısı (‘local south yellow’) or Güney sarısı include:
• Yerli sari (‘local yellow’)
• Çukurova
• Dörtyol
• Siverek

Based on allele frequencies in two functional polymorphisms, the South Anatolian Red appears to be somewhat closer genetically to zebu than to the East Anatolian Red.

Damascus-type cattle originated in the Near and Middle East and are described as having:
• short horns
• a vestigial hump on the bulls
• a large dewlap
• a slender, elegant build
• a zebu-like skull

(Turkish) Güney anadolu sarı kırmızısı = South Anatolian yellow red

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