VIDEO: Guinness Records TV - Battle of the Butlers

Yes, Lishka went to butler school and worked as a butler for several years. While she was in school, the Guinness Records TV show in Britain decided to have a ‘competition’ and she won the title of Champion Butler/Guinness World Records Butler. Go USA!

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People don’t know what to say when they hear about this bit of trivia — so we’ll let the clip do most of the talking. However a few things need to be clarified before you watch this silliness.

First: The ‘competition’ actually consisted of three tasks (with two attempts per person at each) — laying a table of six (placing the silverware down beside the plates), pouring champagne, and of course, ladling out and serving soup (cream of spinach).

Second: Lishka was chosen to ‘compete’ because she was the only female in that particular butler class and the production company thought it would be ‘cute’ to have a female butler on the show. Tony was chosen because his number (written on a piece of paper that was then squished up) flew furthest across the carpet when tossed from a wine glass filled with all the other squished numbers of the butlers in the class. Donald was chosen because he was not only their instructor, but a wonderful actor and an extremely fun and witty fellow.

Third: Lishka had worked in NYC as a waiter for many years, so doing the above tasks quickly was second nature to her (except pouring fast and accurately from a fresh magnum of champagne). Tony was told to do something ‘fun’ when he was pouring the champagne which is why he decided to “spill a little” on the ‘guests’ (who were actors). Donald quietly announced that he didn’t give a hoot about ‘winning’ and was going to take his own good time in doing all the tasks — which he did, and in doing so had Tony and Lishka in stitches between takes.

Fourth: The whole idea of having butlers race around the table is goofy in the first place because butler service is supposed to be the slowest, most discreet, and leisurely table service there is. That said, unless there has been another competition, Lishka DeVoss is the Guinness World Records fastest butler/champion butler and we hope you enjoy a good laugh watching the video below of the Battle of the Butlers.

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