VIDEO: Saving Tink (with English subtitles)

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Saving Tink is the first Kranky Kids film ever made. Created in 1999, this video was made using a little Sony DCR-TRV9 camera and the first version of Final Cut Pro editing software. This video was also featured at two Digital Video Expos (NYC and Los Angeles) in presentations about using video in school programs.

The students wanted to be Super Agents or Fantastic Detectives so I ended up making them Bad Detectives, as in, they weren't very good at their job.

Yes — they ruined evidence, solved cases by serendipity (one of the words they learned during filming) and made a lot of noise when hiding.

Tink is a mystery figure to this first group of Bad Detectives. They try to figure out who or what Tink is — and when they do find Tink — they get a big SURPRISE.

The Bad Detective Motto:
If you can't find it — stop looking.

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