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MUSIC: Puppet's Complaint

by César Franck (1822 - 1890)


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Orchestrations of Puppet's Complaint
by César Franck
orchestrated, performed and recorded by Lishka DeVoss ©2008-2014

1 - grand piano

2 - accordion

3 - Chinese zither and Russian Balalaika

4 - piccolo, French horn, bassoon, tuba, celesta

5 - circuit dialog, Martian lounge

One of the hardest things I've had to explain (actually try to explain) is that when I play piano (especially my own compositions) – I hear orchestrations like these in my head. Finally technology has been created where I don't have to belong to an orchestra or be fabulously rich and rent one to play what I hear in my head (so that others can hear it too).

This page gives you examples of what happens when you give a simple two-part piano piece to other instruments. If you listen to these in order, the final electronic version will be easy to follow melodically (and is also a quite beautiful surprise).

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