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INFO: Discovering the Produce on a Veggie Turkey

Discovering the different produce used in the making of a Vegetable Turkey created by Teresa Fasolino.

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Produce/Vegetable Turkey ©2008 Teresa Fasolino pinchable image

Above is a picture of a turkey made entirely of produce. I took this image into Santa Rita Elementary (Los Altos, CA) and asked the students to guess the individual produce the turkey was made from. I then contacted the artist with our answers and she gave us an A to A- (we got three things wrong).

I then asked her if I could publish our corrected quiz sheet answers and her response to our project utilizing her work on the Kranky Kids® website – and she gave her permission. Below are the correct answers and Teresa Fasolino's response:

Answers to the Turkey Prodcue Quiz ©2008 Teresa Fasolino pinchable image

Dear Lishka,

I got a big kick out of your email. The students get an A. to A-. The beak is actually sage like the wing and the squash above the acorn squash is butternut. The apples were tiny ones I picked up at the Union Square market called Lady____ something or other- apples very small so the scale would not be too far off from the small pears. Everything else is correct. Turnips were also correct.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your students


Remember: Whenever you are making something that uses another person's work (writer/artist/composer/etc) for a school project – do your best to contact that person for their permission and/or input. Almost everyone likes a trustworthy fan; no one likes a thief.

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