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(recipes for two people)

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We love making and eating these recipes and hope you enjoy them too.

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Artichoke: Crab Stuffed
Bacon: Home-Cured (no nitrates)
Beans: Black Beans Instant Pot Max®
Beans: White Beans Celery
Beets: Roasted
Biscuits: Rolled and Folded
Bread: Banana
Brussels Sprouts: Hashed
Brussels Sprouts: Roasted
Cabbage: Pickled Coleslaw
Carrots: Roasted Five-Spice Almond
Cauliflower: Indian Spiced w/Potato
Cauliflower: Roasted Seasoned
Chicken: Wings Fried
Chickpea: Hummus with Yogurt
Chickpea: Spinach Soyrizo
Chili: Vegetarian or Vegan
Chipotle Mayonnaise
Cookies: Chocolate Chip Hazelnut
Cookies: Krumkake
Couscous: Charred Peppers and Tomatoes
Crab Cakes
Cranberry Relish: Spicy
Cranberry Relish: Spiked
Cucumber: Mint Dill Parsley Yoghurt
Desserts: Carrot Cake 6x6
Desserts: Cherry Tartlets
Desserts: Chocolate Soufflé
Eggplant Involtini
Garlic: Roasted
Gravy: Mushroom Vegan
Green Beans: Garlic Ginger
Lasagne: Spinach Basil
Mincemeat: Bars Vegetarian
Mincemeat: Vegetarian
Muffins: Blueberry Buttermilk
Muffins: Chocolate Chip
Muffins: Cornbread Jalapeño Corn
Mung Bean Sprout Salad
Mung Bean Sprout Carrot Salad
Mushrooms: Portobello Garlic Roasted
Mushrooms: Stroganoff
Nuts: Hazelnuts Toasted
Pancakes: Buttermilk
Pancakes: Dutch Baby
Pasta: Broccolini Toasted Garlic Bread Crumbs
Pasta: Cauliflower Toasted Garlic Green Olives
Pasta: Chile-Oil Gemelli Salad
Pasta: Cold Tahini Noodles With Vegetables
Pasta: Fregola Artichoke Almonds Feta
Pasta: Mushroom Five Spice Yakisoba
Pasta: Pappardelle Chickpeas Cherry Tomatoes
Pasta: Spicy-Sweet Linguine or Yakisoba
Pasta: Za’atar-n-Cheese
Pizza Neapolitan
Pizza Neapolitan - single thin crust
Polenta: Mushroom Soy Sauce
Polenta: Spinach Ricotta Fontina
Potato: Buttermilk Mashed
Potato: French Fries Oven Baked
Potato: Mustard Cheese Gratin
Potato: Spicy Indian Gratin
Potato: Smashed With Olives and Capers
Puff Pastry: Apple Turnovers
Puff Pastry: Cheese Sticks
Puff Pastry: Mushroom Pepper Turnovers
Quiche: Crab Shrimp
Ribs: Baby Back Instant Pot
Rice: Paella Vegetable 1
Rice: Paella Vegetable 2
Rice: Risotto Mushroom Fennel Leaf
Rice: Sushi Instant Pot Max®
Rice: Wild Rice Mushroom Almond - 8 servings
Rice: Wild Rice Mushroom Almond - 4 servings
Salsa: Pico de Gallo
Salsa: Pineapple
Salsa: Verde
Sauce: Béchamel Olive Oil Shallot
Sauce: Béchamel Plain
Sauce: Béchamel Spicy Cheesy
Sauce: Soy Honey Vinegar
Sauce: Chipotle BBQ
Sauce: Mole
Sauce: Tomato
Scones: Pumpkin Ginger
Soup: Artichoke Chickpea Orzo
Soup: Black Bean Instant Pot Max®
Soup: Broccoli Celery Potato
Soup: Coconut Black-Eyed Pea
Soup: Crab
Soup: Fig and Tomato Soup
Soup: Miso Tofu Cilantro
Soup: Miso Tofu Mushroom
Soup: Mushroom Artichoke Orzo
Soup: Pumpkin Tortilla
Soup: Spinach Parsley Cilantro
Soup: Wonton Vegetarian
Sushi: Tamago Egg Omelet
Tacos: Cauliflower Red Onion
Tortilla: Egg Kalamata Sun-Dried Tomato
Waffles: Buttermilk
Zucchini Bread Bundt (with Olives)
Zucchini Fritters for 2
Zucchini Pie for 2

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