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SDM - Dansk Holstein - cow - Denmark

SDM - Dansk Holstein
(most common name)

(transboundary/brand name):
• Holstein (black and white)
(local/other name):
• Sortbroget Dansk Malkerace
also named (English):
• Danish Holstein

The SDM - Dansk Holstein is considered a synthetic breed that began in 1949 when Danish Jutland cattle were mixed with an increasing population of Dutch-Friesian and German Black Pied cattle.

Starting in 1965, imported Holstein semen (mainly from the USA and Canada) changed the Danish Friesian into a strain of the international Holstein.

Since 1998, the SDM - Dansk Holstein now has only 25% of its genes originating from the original Danish Black Pied dual-purpose breed from before 1965 (known as SDM-1965).

(Danish) Sortbroget = black and white
(Danish) Dansk = Danish
(Danish) Malkerace = milking race
(Danish) Sortbroget Dansk Malkerace = black and white Danish milking race

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