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Jarmelista - cow  - Portugal

(most common name)

The Jarmelista was said to be descended from the Spanish Asturiana that mixed with the Mirandesa, which made it categorized as a locally derived variety of the Mirandesa.

However, in 2007 the Jarmelista was certified as a separate autochthonous (indigenous) breed of Portugal by the following organizations:
DGV - Direcção-Geral de Veterinária (Directorate General of Veterinary)
INIA - Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária (Institute National of Research Agrarian)
ACRIGuarda - Associação de Criadores de Ruminantes do Concelho da Guarda (Association of Breeders of Ruminants of the County of Guarda)

The official name of ‘Jarmelista’ is derived from its origin in Jarmelo during the nineteenth century. Jarmelo is in the vicinity of Guarda, a city and a municipality in the Guarda District, Beira Interior Norte sub-region in the Centro Region.

The Jarmelista are smaller than the Mirandesa and the females tend to be a more grey-brown in color with whitish markings. Some are also be more slender with longer coats. Bulls can also be quite rich in coat variations shading from light to dark.

Although their population is now stable, the Jarmelista bordered on extinction for many years and is still very rare. In the past, it was a dairy animal whose milk was prized for pies and butter. Today, after over three decades of a local fair in Jarmelo in which the breed plays a major part, they are being promoted as an excellent producer of veal calves.

Jarmelista - bull  - Portugal Jarmelista - heifer calf  - Portugal

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