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Ganado bravo - cow - Spain

Ganado bravo
(local/other name)

(most common name):
(transboundary/brand name):
Fighting Bull
(local/other name):
Ganado de casta
• Raza de Lidia

The Ganado bravo have predominantly uni-colored black coats and the females are known for having exceptional maternal instincts.

The Ganado bravo belongs to the Fighting cattle group and the Iberian Black cattle group.

Iberian Black cattle have:
• a head profile that is straight or sub-concave (curving inwards slightly)
• long horns which spread out sideways and then curve forward, having sharp upward-bent points
• a deep chest with a heavy dewlap
• high withers
• a long back, dipping a bit in the middle
• light hindquarters
• long, strong legs

Iberian Black cattle are often sexually dimorphic (i.e. having two distinct forms) which is exhibited by the bulls being much heavier than the cows.

Ganado bravo - bull - Spain

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