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Red Pied dual purpose - cow - Germany

Red Pied dual purpose
(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
Doppelnutzung Rotbunt
also named (English):
• Red dual purpose breed (DN)
• Red Holstein (DN)

Red Pied cattle breeding in Germany was very fragmented in the beginning because there was no creation of any large, closed breeding areas. Additionally, arguments over whether the red pied dual-purpose animals should be more beef oriented or more dairy oriented continued for more than 100 years.

Finally, in 1922, the Reich Association of German Red Pied Breeders (Reichsverband Deutscher Rotbuntzüchter) was founded — but this only slightly improved the situation.

Later, starting in 1965, Holstein (USA) was added to the black pied population. Starting in 1970, Red Holstein (USA) was slowly added to the German Red Pied population.

Today, both of these German black pied and red pied cattle populations go under the general breed name ‘German Holsteins (DH)’. The red pied population has gone into two distinct directions: dairy and dual-purpose.

The Red Pied dual purpose has both good milk production and excellent beef performance.

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