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Red Holstein - cow - USA

Red Holstein
(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Holstein-Friesian Red
• Red & White
Red and White
• Red and White Dairy Cattle
• Red-and-White Dairy Cattle
• Red and White Holstein

The Red Holstein started with consistently breeding for the recessive red pied color gene found in imported black pied Dutch cattle.

In 1946, Larry Moore of Wisconsin, started a herd of red pied Holsteins and, in 1964, the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association was established. In 1969, the Holstein-Friesian Association finally recognized the red pieds but they were registered separately. Registration for both red pied and black pied Holsteins merged in 1971 with the name ‘Red Holstein’ becoming universal.

Because Holstein and Red Holstein qualities are basically the same, upgrading or outcrossing local breeds with Red Holstein genes is just as common around the world as the use of black pied Holstein genes.

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