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Fries-Hollands (FH) - cow - Netherlands

Fries Hollands (FH)
(most common name)

(transboundary/brand name):
• Dutch Friesian
(local/other name):
• Fries-Hollands Zwartbont
Zwartbont Fries-Hollands
also named (English):
• Black Pied Dutch Friesian

In 1963, the Fries Hollands comprised 71% of the national Dutch cattle herd. By 2007, its population share was less than 1%.

The Fries Hollands remained the most important breed in the Netherlands until about 1980, but the Holstein influence that started in the 1970’s was taking over fast and the Holstein-Friesian has now become dominant.

The Fries Hollands are free of Holstein influence.

In 1983, a small group of devoted breeders established a herdbook known as the FHRS (Fries-Hollands Rundvee Stamboek) in order to save the Fries Hollands. In 1993, this herdbook was officially recognized.

The qualities of the ideal Fries Hollands dairy cow are:
• strong and well-fleshed
• having deep and rounded ribs
• 130–140 cm wither height
• a well-proportioned, supple and well-attached udder
• well-placed legs and feet
• equal-sized hooves

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