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Parda de Montaña - cow - Spain

Parda de Montaña
(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Bruna de los Pirineos
• Parda Leonesa
• Parda Pirenaica
also named (English):
• Pyrenean Brown

The Parda de Montaña is a sire line with a herdbook that started in 1989.

In a 1998 census, 9,000 – 10,000 were considered purebred. As of 2016, the population has grown to 37,480 with an increasing trend.

The Parda de Montaña is known for being rustic, well-adapted to the mountains, possessing good maternal instincts, and raised for beef.

NOTE: As of 2018, the Parda de Montaña is listed by Spain in the DAD-IS database as a seperate breed with a separate population count and separate morphology information from the Parda and the Bruna dels Pirineus (Catalan for ‘Brown of the Pyrenees’).

(Spanish) parda = brown

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