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Sykia - heifer - Greece

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

also named (English):
• Greek Steppe

The Sykia is a variety of the Greek Steppe found in the village of Sykia, which is in Chalkidiki — a peninsular region that is part the Region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece.

The Sykia is bred for its meat which is valued for its taste and healthful attributes. Sykia are small and rarely used for work. They are mostly grey in color, darkening mainly towards the head.

There are no purebred Sykia left. The remaining tiny population consists of crossbred animals that are similar in phenotype to the original breed. Supposedly semen is in store that could possibly to restore the breed should efforts go in that direction.

The Sykia adapts well to mountainous regions with poor vegetation. Their feeding requirements are very low and they are very hardy. They are kept in two small herds in a sem-feral state.

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