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Mongolian Yak  - cow - Mongolia

Mongolian Yak
(most common name)

(transboundary/brand name):
• Yak
(local/other name):
• Mongol ulsyn niitleg sarlagiin
• Монгол улсын нийтлэг сарлагийн
also named (English):
• Mongolian Common yak

The Mongolian Yak is a domestic yak.

After the Ice Age, yaks (Bos mutus) were spread out over a large area with Siberia to the north and the Himalayas to the south. Today wild yaks are a protected species and can be found in a small area that is 4,500 meters (approx. 14,700 feet) and higher in the Himalayas.

Yaks are fine in high snow and the extreme winds in the mountains. They fare poorly in windless cold tempuratures and on hot days.

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