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Khalkhun Golun - heifer - Mongolia

Khalkhun Golun
(most common name)

(local/other name):
Dornod Taliin Bukh
Halhïn gol
• Halhïn гол
also named (English):
East Mongolian Meat Type
also named (Russian):
• Khalkhingol'skiǐ skot

The Khalkhun Golun is a larger variety of the Mongolian. ‘Khalkha’ is the name of the majority ethnicity of Mongols in the country of Mongolia.

The Khalkhyn Gol (River of Khalkh and Khalkh River in English; Халх гол in Mongolian; 哈拉哈河 in Chinese) is a river that starts in the Greater Khingan mountains of China’s Inner Mongolia and continues into the Dornod Province of Mongolia.

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