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Carpathian Brown - bull - Trans-Carpathian Ukraine

Carpathian Brown
(most common name)

also named (Hungarian):
• Kárpáti borzderes
also named (Slovak):
• Hnedý Karpatský
also named (Russian):
• Buraya karpatskaya
• Бурая карпатская
(historical breed name):
Slovakian-Carpathian Brown
Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown

The Carpathian Brown began with local, indigenous cattle in the Carpathian Basin (and some adjoining regions of the Carpathian Mountains) that were upgraded and eventually turned into a Brown Mountain cattle breed by 1879.

At one time, the Carpathian Brown could be found in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. In Hungary and Romania, they became the Hungarian Brown and the Romanian Brown.

In Ukraine, further improvement since 1980 was done with Brown Swiss and Jersey blood. However, there the breed declined in use.

For more details, see: Slovakian-Carpathian Brown and Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown.

Trans-Carpathian Ukraine is a southwest region of Ukraine that is bordered by northern Romania, northeastern Hungary, eastern Slovakia, and southeastern Poland.

NOTE: As of 2018, Carpathian Brown cattle are not listed by Hungary, Romania or Slovakia in the DAD-IS database.

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