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American Wagyu
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• Wagyu
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• Kobe

The American Wagyu was started in Texas. The breed was originally a crossing of Hereford, American Angus, Japanese Black and Japanese Brown cattle.

A brief history of the American Wagyu includes:

1976 - Morris Whitney shipped two Japanese Black bulls and two Japanese Red bulls from Japan to the United States. These four full blood bulls were used for research and Colorado University collected their semen. These same four bulls were later purchased by Wagyu Breeders Inc.

1991 - Semen from another Japanese Black bull was exported from Japan.

1992 - Accelerated Genetics (Wisconsin, USA) marketed a Wagyu sire named ‘Kobeef Ozaka Kin 900’. This sire was leased from Granada Sire Services (Texas).

1993 - A group of Japanese Black (2 male, 3 female) were imported from Japan.

1994 - Another group of Japanese Black and Kumamoto (35 male and female) were imported from Japan.

Today, both red and black strains of the American Wagyu exist.

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