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Jaulan - cow - Syria

(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Bisre
• Joulani
• Kamissi
• Khamissi

The Jaulan is found in Syria from Jabal al-Druze (officially Jabal al-Arab) in the south to the Golan Heights in the southwest. (The Golan Heights is internationally recognized as Syrian territory occupied by Israel which seized it during the closing stages of the 1967 Six-Day War and then annexed it in 1981.)

The Jaulan, a larger strain of Baladi, is one of the strongest and best developed strains due to the favorable climate and rich pastures where it is bred. They live for a long time, have high disease resistance, and are used mainly for work as they are considered low milk producers.

Location: Mountain of the Druzes
(Arabic) Jabal al-Durūz, Jabal ad-Durūz, Jebel el-Druz
(English) Mount al-Durūz
(French) Le Djebel Druze

Jaulan - bull - Syria

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