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Danish Red - cow and calf - Denmark

Danish Red
(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
Rød Dansk Malkerace anno 1970 (RDM-1970)
also named (English):
• Danish Red Cattle
• Danish Red (old type)
• Red Dane
• Red Danish
• Red Danish Dairy Cattle
(historical breed name):
• Fünen (Danish)
• Fynsk (Danish)

The Danish Red foundation stock developed from crossing local Danish cattle with North Slesvig Red, Angeln and Ballum cattle from 1841–1863. They were then called Red Danish Dairy Cattle (Rød Dansk Malkerace - RDM).

The Danish Red was officially recognized as an authentic breed in 1878 and a herdbook was established in either 1881 (DAD-IS) or 1885 (Mason, Felius).

After 1970, crossing with the Brown Swiss, Red Holstein, Swedish Red-and-White (and others) led to less and less breeders continuing with purebred Danish Reds. So, a small group of breeders formed the RDM-1970. (There is also an even smaller group continuing a slightly different line; they are called the RDM-1930.)

The Danish Red is a dairy breed with a high content of fat and protein in their milk. Traditionally, male calves are raised for beef.

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