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Simmental - cow - Switzerland

(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Original Simmental
also named (English):
• Original Swiss Simmental
• Spotted
• Swiss Red Spotted
• Swiss Simmental Spotted
also named (French):
• Pie rouge du Simmental
• Tachetée rouge du Simmental
also named (German):
• Simmentaler Fleckvieh
• Schweizer Rotfleckvieh

The Simmental can be traced back to the indigenous cattle of the Simme and Saane valleys of the canton of Bern in Switzerland during the 5th century.

There were several local strains that, over time, were eventually amalgamated under the general name of Simmentaler Fleckvieh.

The original various Bernese-Simmental strains of Switzerland were exported in great numbers (starting in 1480) for use in upgrading and improving many other cattle populations of the world.

The Simmental in Switzerland is now separated into two herdbooks:
Original Swiss Simmental
Swiss Fleckvieh (seit 2009) - Swiss Fleckvieh (since 2009)

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