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German Black Pied - cow - Germany

German Black Pied (HF)
(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Deutsche Holstein Schwarzbunt
(transboundary/brand name):
• Holstein (black and white)
(local/other name):
• Holstein-Friesian

The German Black Pied (HF) has been developed since the 1960’s into a composite of local German breeds, Dutch breeds, and the Holstein (USA).

The German Black Pied (HF) had early development that was identical to the Dutch-Friesian due to their close geographical proximity. During the 19th century, large numbers of Dutch-Friesian cattle were imported by Germany because they were better developed.

Starting in the 1960’s, the German Black Pied was altered in stages using imported Holstein (USA) sires — making it an American Holstein X European Friesian.

HF = Holstein Friesian

German Black Pied - heifer - Germany

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