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Leiqiong - young bull - China

(most common name)

(local/other name):

The Leiqiong, a South China Zebu type, is used for work in the southern tip of China in the provinces of Guangdong and Hainan.

NOTE: Sources differ on categorizing the Leiqiong.

Mason’s Encyclopedia (2016) refers to the Leiqiong as a ‘cattle’ with two varieties (Hainan and Xuwen). Felius (1995) lists the Leiqiong and says that the Hainan and Leiqiong are ‘identical’.

Mason’s Dictionary (2002) lists the Hainan Humped, Leiqiong, Leizhou, and Xuwen separately; it also states that the Leiqiong is the combination of the Leizhou and the Hainan Humped.

China, in DAD-IS as of 2018, separately lists the Hainan and the Leiqiong (misspelled as ‘Liegiong’ but ‘also called Xuwen’ and ‘including Xuwen and Hainan’); there is no separate listing for ‘Xuwen’.

Qiong = Hainan Island

Leiqiong - cow - China

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