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Nganda - cow - Uganda

(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Nsoga
• Serere

The Nganda is a Sanga-Zebu intermediate that belongs to the Ankole-Zebu cattle group.

The Nganda is believed to originate from Ankole cattle being crossed with both Large East African Zebu cattle and Small East African Zebu cattle (mainly the Nkedi).

The Nganda gets its name from the Buganda region in Uganda.

Ankole cattle are found in East Africa in an area extending from Lake Albert (formerly Lake Mobutu) to Lake Tanganyika. (Both lakes belong to a series of lakes known as the African Great Lakes.)

Ankole cattle are described as having:
• very long horns
• medium-long heads
• short necks with large dewlaps
• narrow chests

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