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German Black Pied - heifer calves - Germany

German Black Pied
(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Deutsches Schwarzbuntes Niederungsrind
(local/other name):
• Schwarzbuntes Niederungsvieh
also named (English):
• Black Pied Lowland
• Black-and-White Lowland
• German Black Pied Lowland
• German Friesian
• German Original Black Pied

The German Black Pied originated in the region of the southern Jutland Peninsula and what is now the Schleswig-Holstein state in northwestern Germany.

This area bordered on the original Dutch-Friesian breeding location. Both were greatly reduced in numbers by a series of cattle plagues in the 18th century. During the 19th century, large numbers of Dutch-Friesian cattle were imported by Germany because they were better developed.

German Black Pied cattle have been kept free of any Holstein (USA) influence, unlike the German Black Pied (HF) which had Holstein (USA) blood added during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

(German) Deutsches Schwarzbuntes Niederungsvieh = German Black and White Lowland cattle

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