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Guinean N’Dama - cow - Guinea

Guinean N’Dama
(historical breed name)

(most common name):

Guinean N’Dama’ is the historical breed name used for the N’Dama since it was in Guinea where these small humpless longhorn bovines initially thrived before developing into such an important breed in West Africa.

The N’Dama of Guinea is a small animal and as a breed its phenotype is not very homogeneous. This is especially true in regards to the body size which can vary by regions within the country ranging from 100-125 cm at the withers.

The N’Dama found in the highland region of Fouta Djallon in Guinea are the most pure and the smallest.

Varieties of N’Dama and stabilized/fixed N’Dama crosses include:
Gambian N’Dama
N’Dama Grande
N’Dama of Kaarta
Guinean N’Dama
N’Dama X Jersey
Thomton (Boenca)

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