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Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown - heifer calf - Ukraine

Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown
(historical breed name)

(most common name):
Carpathian Brown

Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown’ was a name given to distinguish the Carpathian Brown cattle developed in Ukraine in comparison to Slovakian-Carpathian Brown cattle.

The Ukrainian-Carpathian Brown began development in western Ukraine using the Werschowen strain (the purest Illyrian type) and the Hutsul strain (a transitional type in between the Illyrian Shorthorn and Moldavian Steppe cattle).

These two local strains were then upgraded after 1870 using Montafon and Allgäuer bulls. (The Montafon was a former Austrian Brown Mountain breed.) A herdbook was established in 1948 and official recognition of this improved Carpathian Brown was given in either 1972 or 1978 (depending on source).

By 1980, the Carpathian Brown of Ukraine were an important dual-purpose breed and numbered 203,000. Today, they are of minor importance and considered endangered.

NOTE: As of 2018, Carpathian Brown cattle are listed only by Ukraine in the DAD-IS database.

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