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Jiddu -bull- Ethiopia/Kenya/Somalia

(most common name in Ethiopia, Somalia)
(transboundary/brand name in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia)

(most common name):
Tuni (Kenya)
(local/other name):
• Macien (Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania)
• Serengi or Serenli (Kenya)
• Sorco or Surco (Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania)
• Sucra (Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania)
• Surco Sanga (Somalia)
• Surgo or Surqo (Somalia)
• Surug or Suruq (Somalia)
• Tuni (Somalia)
also named (English):
• Jiddu-Tuni
also named (Italian):
• Giddu (Somalia, Tanzania)

The Jiddu is named for the Jiddu and Tuni tribes of southern Somalia.

The Jiddu is categorized as a Sanga-Zebu intermediate (also known as a Zenga) — meaning it’s a transitional breed that is not pure sanga and is not pure zebu.

As of 2018, in DAD-IS:
Ethiopia no longer lists the Jiddu (although it did in 2017).
Kenya lists the Jiddu and Tuni separately, but does not list any population data for either breed.
Somalia lists the Jiddu, but does not list any population data.
Tanzania has specifically listed a zero Jiddu population since 2004 based on a survey at species level (trend unknown and reliability unknown).

At this point, it is uncertain whether the Jiddu still exists.

(Somali) surqo = red-and-white
(Somali) macien = spotted

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