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Milking Shorthorn - cow - USA

Milking Shorthorn
(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

The Milking Shorthorn of the USA has a long history that arguably dates back to the importation of the Durham (later called Shorthorn) into Virginia in 1783.

These cattle were mainly dual-purpose with the emphasis on beef. However, in 1893, two cows — ‘Kitty Clay 3rd’ and ‘Kitty Clay 4th’ — were shown at the Chicago World’s Fair (also called the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago Columbian Exposition) and they renewed interest in raising the Shorthorn with an emphasis on dairy.

You can compare the Milking Shorthorn of the USA with the Dairy Shorthorn of Great Britain.

Milking Shorthorn - bull - USA

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