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Swiss Brown (Original) - cow - Switzerland

Swiss Brown (Original)
(local/other name)

(most common name):
Original Schweizer Braunvieh
(transboundary/brand name):
• Original Swiss Brown
also named (English):
• Swiss Brown
also named (French):
• La race Brune Suisse
also named (German):
• Schweizer Braunvieh
• Schweizerisches Braunvieh
also named (Italian):
• Raza Bruna Svizzera

The Swiss Brown began development through selective breeding of grey-brown Alpine cattle by Swiss Monks beginning in the 10th century.

As a dominant color, brown won — the Swiss Brown is the origination of all Brown Mountain cattle breeds.

Today, due to the importation of the Brown Swiss (USA), there are two Swiss Brown breeds reported in Switzerland:
Braunvieh - a composite of Schwyzer Einsiedler, Appenzeller, Gurten Vieh and others, plus the Brown Swiss (USA).
Original Schweizer Braunvieh - the original type of Swiss Brown without Brown Swiss (USA) genes.

Swiss Brown (Original) - heifer - Switzerland Swiss Brown (Original) - bull calf - Switzerland

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