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Scottish Shorthorn - cow - Scotland

Scottish Shorthorn
(local/other name)

(most common name):
Beef Shorthorn
(transboundary/brand name):
• Shorthorn
also (local/other name):
• Scotch
• Scotch Shorthorn
also named (Afrikaans):
• Korthoring
(historical breed name):
• Aberdeenshire Shorthorn

Important History: Certain local herds of shorthorned cattle in Great Britain (historically known as Durhams and Teeswaters) were systematically improved with selective breeding techniques starting in the 18th century.

These techniques were adopted by other breeders of shorthorned cattle with some of them selecting for better milk production and others for better beef. Later, as a group, all these cattle were named ‘Shorthorn’ to identify them as a general British type of shorthorned cattle (not a singular breed name).

The first herdbook on record, published by George Coates in 1822, was for the Shorthorn. (Herdbooks document the development of different cattle breeds by keeping track of the sires, dams, offspring and use of blood.)

The Scottish Shorthorn is a strain of Beef Shorthorn resulting from further development by the master breeder Amos Cruikshank (1808–1895). Many of the Cruikshank Scotch Shorthorns were exported to the USA, Canada, and Australia. (They were also taken by Aberdonian immigrants to Canada during the 19th century.)

The Shorthorn breeds of Great Britain are:
• the Beef Shorthorn
• the Blended Red and White Shorthorn (BRWS)
• the Blue Albion
• the Dairy Shorthorn
• the Lincoln Red (historically)
• the Northern Dairy Shorthorn
• the Whitebred Shorthorn

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