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Rotes Höhenvieh - bull calf - Germany

Rotes Höhenvieh
(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Mitteldeutsches Rotvieh
• Mitteldeutsches Gebirgsvieh
also named (English):
German Red
• Middle German Hill
• Middle German Red
• Red cattle of Central Germany
• Red Hill
• Red Mountain

The Rotes Höhenvieh has, over time, been the basis of many different distinct varieties. Varieties included:
• the Harz Red
• the Vogelsberg
• the Vogtländer
• the Westphalian Red

The name ‘Celtic Red’ has been used for both Red Lowland and Red Highland cattle that originated in Central and South Germany, East Austria, Poland, North Czechia and North Slovakia. Red was the coat color most prized by cattle breeders up until the 18th century. Sadly, most of the original Red Highland cattle breeds are now extinct.

German to English:
Mitteldeutsches Gebirgsvieh = Middle German Hill
Mitteldeutsches Rotvieh = Middle German Red
Rotes Höhenvieh = Red Hill or Red Mountain

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