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Zwerg Zebu -cow- Germany

Zwerg Zebu
(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Zwerg-Zebu
• Zwergzebu
local/other name (English):
• Dwarf Zebu

The Zwerg Zebu is a dwarf zebu raised as a hobby breed and used for landscape management and beef. (As opposed to just being small cattle, dwarf cattle have genetic disorders effecting their cartilage and/or bone development.)

The Zwerg Zebu originated from imports of zebus from Sri Lanka (most probably the Sinhala) and the Caucasus region. Today, only about 60% of the population are pure zebus.

The Zwerg Zebu forages well, eating shrubs and thistles which other cattle tend to leave behind. Their meat is said to be of good quality.

The Zwerg Zebu was also reportedly bred in Italy for use in racing with Quarter Horse horses.

(German) zwerg = dwarf

The zebu descends from the Asian aurochs (Bos namadicus) which has been proved to be a separate species through the DNA research of Daniel Bradley (Department of Genetics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1994).

Asian aurochs (Bos namadicus) were previously thought to be a subspecies of Bos primegenius (aurochs). However, Bradley's research shows that Asian aurochs, as a separate form, existed at least 200,000 years ago.

Thus, Bos namadicus (Asian aurochs) is a separate species (not a subspecies) and it also has NO subspecies of its own — unlike the species Bos primegenius (aurochs) which has two subspecies: Bos primigenius primigenius (European aurochs) and Bos primigenius opisthonomus (African aurochs). It was these two subspecies of Bos primegenius (aurochs) that developed into the forma domestica (domestic forms and varieties) today known as Bos taurus (humpless cattle).

The separate species Bos namadicus (Asian aurochs) — which, again, has no subspecies — developed straight into the forma domestica today known as Bos indicus (zebu).

Zwerg Zebu -cow- Germany

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