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White Fulani -bull- Cameroon/Chad/Ghana/Niger/Nigeria/Togo

White Fulani
(most common name in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo)

(most common name):
Yakanaye (Niger)
Foulbé (Chad)
Mbororo à robe blanche (Cameroon)
(transboundary/brand name):
• White Fulani (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo)
(local/other name):
• Akou (Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Nigeria)
• Bima (Togo)
• Peuhl (Chad)
• White Fulani (Chad, Niger)
local/other name (English):
• White Bororo (Cameroon)
• White Kano (Ghana, Nigeria)
local/other name (French):
• Foulbe Blanc (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria)
local/other name (Fulani):
• Yakanaji (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria)
local/other name (Hausa):
• Bunaji (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria)
(historical breed name):
• Fellata (Sudan)
• White Bororo

The White Fulani, owned by both the Fulani and Hausa people, originated in northern Nigeria, southeastern Niger and northeastern Cameroon.

The White Fulani is a West African lyre-horned zebu type that is small when raised under semi-nomadic conditions. They do grow larger over time on government farms under improved care and are said to have excellent potential as a dual-purpose dairy/beef breed.

The White Fulani has a moderate hump in the females and a well-developed hump in the males. Their skin is black and their coat is usually white with scattered black flecks. They also have black or dark reddish points on their ears and feet.

(French) Peul (also Peuhl) = Fulani

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