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Simmental -cow- Switzerland

(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Original Simmental
local/other name:
• Fleckvieh (Australia/Austria/Denmark)
• Lare e Kuge (Albania)
• Original Swiss Simmental
• Pie Rouge (Canada)
• Pie rouge du Simmental (France)
• Schweizer Rotfleckvieh (Germany)
• Simenthal (Bolivia)
• Simmentaler Fleckvieh (Germany)
• Simmentaller (Angola)
• Spotted
• Swiss Red Spotted
• Swiss Simmental Spotted
• Tachetée rouge du Simmental (France)

The Simmental can be traced back to the indigenous cattle found in the Simme and Saane valleys of the canton of Bern in Switzerland during the 15th and 16th centuries.

There were several local triple-purpose strains (originally known collectively as Bernese) that, over time, were eventually amalgamated and given the general name of Simmental.

1862 - Simmental recognized as a breed
1880s - Simmental extensively exported as breeding stock for both beef and dairy
1890 - Simmental herdbook established; breed society formed
1891 - official breeding scheme for approved Simmental bulls in operation
1925 - Simmental herdbook first published
1960s and 1970s - Red Holstein blood used
1974 - World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (WSFF) formed

The international WSFF divisions include:
• dairy strain (bred for higher milk yields)
• beef strain (bred for higher growth rates and carcass performance)
• dual-purpose strain (for both milk and meat)

1994 - Simmental herdbook divided into three sections:
Simmental (< 14% Red Holstein)
Tachetée Rouge (14-74% Red Holstein)
Red Holstein (75-100% Red Holstein)

The Simmental of Switzerland has been exported in great numbers and used for upgrading and improving other cattle populations. Since the late 1800s, many countries have formed national herds (usually by crossing local cattle with imported Simmental cattle). The Simmental has also contributed to the formation of other breeds, including:
• Simbra
• Simbrangerford
• Simbrasil
• Simford
• Simmalo

Currently in DAD-IS, Switzerland separates the Simmental into two breeds:
Original Simmental
Swiss Fleckvieh (seit 2009) - Swiss Fleckvieh (since 2009)

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