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Shorthorn -bull- Canada/USA

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• American Beef Shorthorn
• American Polled Shorthorn
• Beef Shorthorn
• Canadian Beef Shorthorn
• Canadian Polled Shorthorn
• Polled Shorthorn

The modern Shorthorn of Canada and the USA began in 1783 in Virginia with imported dual-purpose Shorthorn cattle from Durham, York, Lincoln, and Northumberland in northeastern England. At that time, these imported cattle were known as ‘Durham’ cattle.

1846 - American Shorthorn Herd Book first published
1872 - American Shorthorn Association founded
1882 - polled Shorthorns recognized as ‘the first major beef breed to be developed in the United States’

The Shorthorn can be horned or polled. As compared to the British Beef Shorthorn, their heads are longer and less blocky.

Shorthorn coat colors include:
• red
• red-white roan
• red-and-white
• white

A 1970–1990 long-term comparative trial of 26 beef sire breeds showed the Shorthorn to be:
• not disadvantaged in terms of growth rate
• not disadvantaged in terms of slaughter weight
• the highest rated in marbling score
• the highest rated in overall carcass quality

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