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Sahiwal -cow- Pakistan

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• Lambi Bar
• Lola
• Montgomery
• Multani (in the state of Bihar, India)
• Teli

The Sahiwal started in the Sahiwal district in Punjab, Pakistan and was originally bred for milk production and its red coat color.

The Sahiwal is described as:
• reddish-dun coat (usually)
• white markings
• very short-legged
• bulky body
• short horns
• convex forehead (especially pronounced in bulls)
• hump (especially pronounced in bulls, frequently falling to one side)

Countries the Sahiwal has been exported to include:
• Australia (breed society and herdbook)
• Bangladesh (crossbreeding)
• India (principally in Amritsar and Ferozpur; crossbreeding and in vitro conservation)
• Kenya (breed society; crossbreeding and in vitro conservation)
• New Zealand (herdbook)

The Sahiwal, known for excellent milk yield and heat resistance, is favored in crossbreeding programs with exotic breeds because few milk let-down problems occur and the beef characteristics are good.

Breeds developed using the Sahiwal include:
• Australian Frieswal
• Australian Milking Zebu
Australian Sahiwal
Jamaica Hope
Karan Swiss
• Quasah (extinct?)

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