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Red Poll -bull- England

Red Poll
(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

local/other name (Afrikaans):
• Rooi Poenskop
historical breed name:
• Norfolk Polled
• Norfolk and Suffolk Red Polled (until 1882)
• Red Polled (until 1908)

The Red Poll originated in the East Anglian county of Suffolk in the early 19th century from the crossing of the Suffolk Dun and Norfolk Horned (both now extinct).

The hornless Suffolk Dun had a reputation as excellent dairy cows.

In the neighboring county, the Norfolk Horned (or Red Norfolk) were small and hardy — and had a reputation for fattening at an earlier age than other breeds. London butchers highly valued them for the quality of their meat.

Jonas Reeves began crossbreeding them to develop a dual-purpose animal; minor contributions from other breeds (such as Galloway or Devon) are suspected.

In 1847 and in 1862, the Red Poll was officially recognized by the Royal Agriculture Society of England under the name ‘Norfolk and Suffolk Red Polled’.

1873 - breed standard established
1874 - herdbook published (compiled by Henry Euren)
1883 - breed name shortened to ‘Red Polled’
1888 - breed name again shortened as Red Poll Cattle Society was formed

In England, the focus is now on beef production.

Red Poll -cow- England

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