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Prim'Holstein -cow- France

(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Francaise Frisonne
• Française Frisonne Pie-Noire (FFPN) (Algeria)
• La race Prim’Holstein
local/other name (English):
• French Friesian
• French Holstein
• French Holstein-Friesian
(historical breed name):
• Hollandaise pie-noire

The Prim’Holstein originated with Dutch Black Pied cattle that were imported into France in the 18th century.

1911 - breed society formed
1922 - herdbook established

Until 1952, the breed was called Hollandaise pie-noire. Then, from 1952-1990, it was called Française Frisonne Pie-Noire (FFPN) and is still called that in Algeria as of 2024.

France started using Holsteins (USA) to grade with their Friesian cattle during the 1970s and 1980s.

In 1992, the name was officially changed to ‘Prim’Holstein’.

According to Mason (Dictionary 2002, 2020), the Prim’Holstein includes Dutch Black Pied type, Holstein type, their crosses and Red Holsteins.

In 2004, the Prim’Holstein population accounted for 67% of the dairy herd in France.

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