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Polled Hereford -cow- Australia/Canada/USA

Polled Hereford
(most common name in Canada, USA)
(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
Poll Hereford (Australia)

The Polled Hereford single standard began development around 1893 through the process of upgrading — breeders in both the USA and Canada began introducing the poll gene from Aberdeen-Angus, Red Poll and Poll Shorthorn bulls into Hereford cows.

In 1900, a Polled Hereford Cattle Club was founded and began registration of the single standard Polled Hereford.

single standard = Hereford parents × polled cattle

In 1901, Warren Gammon of Des Moines, Iowa (USA) began asking breeders of the American Hereford Association if they had any naturally polled individuals in their herds. As a result, he founded the double standard Polled Hereford.

A bull named ‘Giant’(owned by Gammon) and a bull named ‘Variation’(owned by Mossom Boyd of Ontario, Canada) became important foundation sires of the double standard Polled Hereford, developed through mutation.

double standard = both parents are purebred Hereford

In 1907, the American Polled Hereford Association was established and both single standard and double standard were registered. (Today, because most Hereford cattle are now polled, the Polled Hereford is included in the regular Hereford herdbook in both Canada and the USA.)

In 1920, three bulls and three cows were imported into Queensland, Australia and a breed association was formed in 1922.

In 1933, the Australian Poll Hereford Society was established. In terms of both individuals and registered stud herds, the Polled Hereford is now one of the most numerous throughout Australia (with the highest numbers found in the eastern states).

There is also a British breed, the Poll Hereford.

Polled Hereford -bull- Australia/Canada/USA

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